The Key Reasons To Select The Class For PVC Pipe For The Usage


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เหตุผลสำคัญในการเลือกชั้น ท่อพีวีซี หรือ Class ให้เหมาะกับการใช้งาน

In choosing to buy PVC pipe that is most effective, besides the size, the pipe’s color, including safety symbols such as the TIS mark, the issue of pressure class, or Class is equally important. What are the important reasons for choosing? To choose the right one for use, we should study it thoroughly to reduce potential errors.

Understanding PVC pipe pressure class

Before going into the matter of reasons why you should choose the right PVC pipe class, let’s understand a bit about this topic. When you go to the shop, the seller often asks what class or how much pipe pressure you like to buy. The pipe pressure class is the quality standard of the PVC pipe that is measured and can be categorized to use appropriately

The higher the class, the thicker the pipe. It can bear water pressure or liquid better. It is well understood that blue pipes are used in the water supply system for consumption or as a pump. The pipes are weather-resistant and UV protected. PVC pipes should be chosen to save you both money and time, and not have to constantly buy new ones.  And if you ask which class of pipe is compatible with what kind of use?

  • Class 13.5 size is the thickest. It’s mostly used for large buildings or agricultural work that requires pipes to be used outdoors, being exposed to the sun and wind all the time.
  • Class 8.5, this size is suitable for use in large houses or buildings with a height of more than 5 floors or more.
  • Class 5 is a standard size suitable for home use or general buildings, not large nor very tall

The reason that PVC pipes should be selected due to their usage

The reason that PVC pipes should be selected due to their usage is that the class has already divided the sizes according to the use. Choosing a size that does not meet the requirements, for example, using Class 5 pipes for agricultural work that must be exposed to strong sunlight all the time, causing the pipes to bear too much water pressure and less service life. You might have to waste money to buy a new one or the agricultural work may be lost altogether because the water is not enough to nourish the plants, etc. Accordingly, the agriculture work will be delayed, and can’t achieve the standard it should be.

And all of these are interesting, especially the important reasons for choosing the PVC pipes class to suit the application. All so you don’t waste time or waste money buying new products. The work went smoothly without any worries, helping the results meet everyone’s expectations.

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