CP-Poly Industry Co.,Ltd. received the honor award on labor practice

29 August 2020 – Mr. Yingyai Naweing, General Manager of Human Resources received the honor award “Outstanding Labor Relations and […]

Power of Data: Powerful and easy to catch fraud

Packaging business group in Thailand, China, Vietnam and Cambodia – our managements and staffs joined the online seminar on September […]

Clean and safe canteen for students

September 11, 2018 – C.P. Poly-Industry Co.,Ltd. delivered “Clean and safe canteen for students” activity for Chearavanont Utit 1 School, […]

“Doing Good for Mom” Voluntary Activity

August 10, 2018 -​ Packaging​ Business​ Group staffs who are volunteers under His Majesty’s Voluntary​ initiative together​ with executive​s, employees, […]

Award for Outstanding Private Sector to Support Disabilities

On 1 December 2017 Mr Isarawat Sittigaroon was the CPPC representative to receive the honorable plaque for Outstanding Private Sector […]

Carbon Footprint Registration

Dr Usa Somnuek, Duputy General Manager – Research and Development CP Poly-Industry Co., Ltd., was being company representative to register […]

International Coastal Clean up Day

On Saturday 16 September 2017, CPPC has joined with governmental and non-governmental organizations in Rayong to collect the garbage along […]

Scholarship Ceremony

Mr. Prasert and Ms. Tasanee Pungkuman have given the scholarship from Prasert – Tasanee Pungkuman Foundation on Tuesday 23 May […]