Resolve doubts! What The Numbers on PVC Pipe Tell You?


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Have you ever noticed that the PVC pipes you bought usually have numbers on them? Moreover, there are alphabets that many people typically don’t care much even though they are significant and should be acknowledged. Therefore, we want to bring up this information and clarify what the number and alphabets on PVC pipe can tell you. Learning these details will help you use PVC pipes accurately due to their purposes. 

What can the numbers on PVC pipe tell the users?

1. The pipe’s brand

Firstly, the numbers can tell the users about the PVC pipe brand or the manufacturer. There are various PVC pipe companies for the users to choose from depending on the user’s satisfaction.

2. Quality rank or class

There are often the numbers 5, 8, or 13.5 that translate to the quality rank or class which tells the properties of the durability of the hose body against water pressure. Specifically, taking water pressure up to 5 bar, 8 bar, or 13.5 bar.

3. The pipe’s size

Next are the numbers that represent the size of the pipe. The numbers show the length of the diameter in millimeters followed by inches. For example, 18 (1/2”) is 18 mm or ½ inch, 20 (3/4”) is 20 mm or ¾ inch, and 25 (1”) is 25 millimeters or 1 inch (all 3 are used in general houses).

4. TIS standards

Safety standards are something that should not be ignored. On PVC pipes, there will be TIS specified as well to build reliability for users. For example, TIS 1131-2535 is a standard for rigid PVC connectors used for pipes that can withstand pressure (Blue pipe), or TIS. 17-2532 standard with a length of 4 meters used for drinking water pipes that are also blue.

Useful knowledge about PVC pipe

We already know what can the numbers on PVC pipes tell users. I would like to add a little bit of knowledge to the topic. If you choose to use automatic water pumps in general homes, usually the water pressure will not exceed 3 bar. So, we can ensure that an 8.5 pipe is already a good working pipe. Most of the problems encountered are not about broken pipes, but they are about the water pressure that could make the joints fall out of the line easily because of the chosen glue or the low-quality connectors. It also could be the fact that the users did not wear deep enough joints for the pipe.

Knowing this, I hope everyone will have a better understanding and can choose to use PVC pipes to meet their needs. And hope that you will have no doubt about the numbers that are on the pipe by default. Help the work come out according to the goals that have been set, resulting in not wasting time doing frequent repairs.

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